What To Look For When Shopping For A Laser Clinic And Microdermabrasion And Scarring

  • April 2, 2019

When looking for a laser clinic there are a number of things that should be taken into account. Upon first visit or consultation the take note of the staff. They should appear friendly and knowledgeable and the environment should be pleasant and clean. The laser technology should be effective and reputable. It is always best to go with a laser clinic with more than one option in regards to their laser. More than one laser means more options for the laser technician, which guarantees you the most effective treatment for your skin type. For example, having a laser for all skin types and one specifically for dark and tanned skins allows the client to continue their treatments and keep up the effectiveness of the laser hair removal treatments, even during the summer months when some of us may expose our skin to the sun more than we should.

Don?t be afraid to speak to the staff of the laser clinic. Asking your laser technician about their education and experience is your right as a client and should be exercised prior to treatment if you find yourself getting different treatments with different technicians.

Find a laser clinic environment that makes you feel calm, comfortable and clean! Laser Hair removal and/or skin treatments should be comfortable and exciting, not unpleasant or rushed. Take a look around during your consultation, you should be respected as a client and not feel that your business is being taken for granted. Make sure that the surroundings make you want to be there, laser hair removal and/or laser skin treatments can sometimes take several hours and multiple treatments, don?t choose a laser clinic environment that is unwelcoming as you may be discouraged to return and essentially waist your money.

Microdermabrasion is a straight forward, non-invasive procedure that helps many different skin issues. Microdermabrasion is an excellent treatment for removing superficial acne scarring. During the treatment the combination of vacuum suction and crystals are working to remove a very fine layer of skin, exposing dead tissue that could otherwise create build up and prevent shedding of dead skin. Depending on the amount of time the client has had the scars, to see true improvement in the skin could take anywhere from 4-10 Microdermabrasion treatments. The client should see overall improvement in the skin immediately, however true scar reduction will come near the end of your sessions. The client should also know that maintenance is a big part of clearing scars and maintaining a healthy-looking complexion.