Essential Of Skin Care

  • August 2, 2019

The skin is the largest and important organ in our body. It plays an important function of purging toxins out of our body through sweat. If you eat something that is unhealthy, not only your body will suffer but also your skin. When your body is unhealthy, it will reflect on your skin. So eating a healthy and well-balanced diet is important not only for your skin but the entire body as well.

You want to take care of your skin now so that you will have healthier skin later. It should start when you are a kid because it is very important for everyone of every age to take care of your skin. However, it is really important when you get older. When you are in your late twenties and older you really need to start a skin regimen.

Here are some very simple skin care tips that you can use to make sure look healthy in the future:

1] Knowing your skin type is one of the most important skin care tip. This is important because not every skin care product suits everyone.

2] ?Drink a lot of water?. This will not keep your skin moist but will help in overall upkeep of your health (and in turn your skin).

3] Cleanse your skin regularly (1-2 times everyday). A very effective skin care tip that helps in getting rid of the dirt and other harsh elements from your skin.

4] Be gentle, after all it?s your skin. Don?t scrub/exfoliate too hard or too often. Similarly, don?t apply too much or too many skin care products.

5] Keep your skin moist at all times. This is one of the most important skin care tip. Don?t let your skin get dry.

6] Avoid the use of soap on your face. Soap should only be used from below the neck. A small but important skin care tip.

7] Use sunscreen to protect yourself from sun?s harmful UV radiations. You can use day-time moisturisers that have sunscreen built into them.

8] Beat the stress. Everyone knows the harmful effects of stress, however, sometimes stating the obvious is essential too (and hence this skin care tip found its place here).

9]You want to take Vitamin C on a regular basis. Vitamin C is very good for your skin.

10] This is one of those tips that you will have to decide if you want to do or not. It is recommended that you use all natural skin care products on your skin and face whenever possible.

11] Never use Hot water! Use lukewarm instead to prevent skin from over-drying.

Skin care tips are a dime a dozen and you really have to be careful that you don’t follow the wrong advice and proceed to do some kind of damage to yourself. Never take a skin care tip at face value, and always be sure to do your own research on the subject before you follow someone’s advice. If you do that, then everything should result in happy, healthy, radiant skin.

To Keep Makeup Looking Fresh, Take A Powder

  • May 2, 2019

Beauty expert and renowned makeup artist Sonia Kashuk, who has worked with the world’s top models, answers your questions and offers tips, tricks and tools to help you look your best.

Q: My makeup always looks great right after I’ve applied it but after a few hours it fades. How do you make your makeup last throughout the day?

A: The answer may surprise you�whether the product says “long-wearing” or not, you can keep your makeup looking fresh from dusk ’til dawn by using proper application techniques. The greatest trick I have learned over the years: Loose powder is your complexion’s best friend!

� Concealer-Gently dot concealer and blend using your finger or concealer brush around the under-eye area. Seal coverage by lightly sweeping the area with a small powder brush dusted with sheer, loose powder.

To try: Sonia Kashuk Barely There Loose Powder in Translucent Matte.

� Cream Blush-I am a firm believer that less is more�especially with cream products. Because of its consistency, it is the nature of cream blush to move on the face. One way to prevent this from happening is to apply a dusting of sheer loose powder over the cheeks after you have applied the blush to keep it where it belongs-on your cheeks.

To try: Sonia Kashuk Cr?me Blush Duo in Color My World or Brighten My Day.

� Eyeliner-Eyeliner smudges by nature, but tends to look sexier when slightly imperfect. Rather than using black, which can look harsh, I often recommend trying navy blue.

To try: Sonia Kashuk Eye Definer in Midnight. Tip: For a strong, solid line, use a liquid liner for precision and stay-put finish.

� Lipstick/Lip Gloss-There are products on the market made specifically to prevent feathering, and a secret trick of mine that I always use if I don’t have my Lip Glossing/No Feather Pencil on me is to dab foundation on your fingertip and smooth it over your lip line. This smooths out any lines around the mouth and provides an even surface for lip color to adhere�and stick to.

Q: How do I know what makeup colors work best for my coloring?

A: Here’s a surprising tip: To identify colors that will work for you, use your hair as a guide, not your eyes! If you’re blonde, go with creams and taupes. Brunettes look great in mochas and chocolate browns. If you’re auburn or a redhead, choose shades of copper and peach, or cool tones like pinks and lavenders. Gray hair looks gorgeous with tones of grays, soft purples and blues.

If you’re unsure about colors, stick to neutrals. You can still achieve drama and variety with neutral tones-they’re actually my favorite to work with. Or, to make it really simple, pick up one of my new Face Palettes, which are designed to correspond to your specific hair hue for expertly coordinated, complementary colors.

Sonia Kashuk Beauty is available exclusively at Target stores.

Do you know your best makeup colors? Beauty Expert Sonia Kashuk can help.

Lipcare Collagen Products For Healthy Lips

  • November 2, 2018

Collagen enriched lip care products are great for maintaining the moisture of your lips.

Women can spend a lot of time on their skin trying to maintain its softness and fighting back aging. They use cleansers and moisturizers and lotions to protect their skin but then walk out the door without a thought to their lips. But your lips need protection too.

Because the lips have a less melanin, oil glands and a thin outer layer, they are in constant need of moisture. The lack of collagen also aggravates this situation. Lips can be burnt easily. Dermatologists have begun to see a rise lip cancer. It is frightening to think that if you don?t protect your lips you may end up with cancer.

Applying lipstick to your lips is not enough to care for them. There is a range of products for them today. You can now get lip creams containing alpha hydroxyl acids to help exfoliate dead skin and even products that help with the wrinkles above your lip line.

The elements, (wind, cold, or sun) can affect your lips with time. Collagen is used in other moisturizing skin products, you should think about getting it for your lips too. There are lip care collagen products that make the claim that their product stimulates the production of collagen and that collagen would end up making your lips look moisturized.

There are a variety of products lip care products available aside from collagen such as lip moisturizers with vitamins added. Some lipsticks may contain collagen too. These products are all useful for the protection of your lips.

The following are some tips that may help your lips stay soft, plump and protected. First of all, begin by exfoliating your lips using your tooth brush for about five seconds or more. Your lips will get red and plump out. When you buy lipstick next you can choose the color of your lips as they are when brushed.

Moisturize them using a collagen enriched moisturizer. It is best to do this before you go to sleep. Lip care is not such a demanding task and it is not so complicated. It is just a matter of exfoliating, plumping and keeping them protected.